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Deep Cleaning Offices to Prevent Coronavirus

It’s only natural for people to protect their families, so with the coronavirus outbreak, they hire a cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting service for their home. But unless no one leaves the home, the family’s protection is limited because of interaction with the outside world, mainly the workplace. So even though your house is disinfected, viruses can be brought in from the workplace, making office cleaning and disinfecting equally important.


Office deep cleaning is the process of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting in accordance with CDC regulations, performed wearing one-time use, disposable gloves. It includes the removal of dirt and germ from surfaces, such as:

Afterwards, the same surfaces are disinfected by spraying disinfectant on the surfaces lowering the risk of spreading viruses and infections. Because so much is unknown about the spread of the virus, extra precautions are taken. After disinfection, common sense must still prevail with employees remaining home at the first sign of illness.

Employers must take precautions necessary to keep their employees safe. Beside cleaning and disinfecting the office, employers should post signs or posters reminding people to wash their hands often, keep distance among themselves, and limit social interaction. Larger offices that have shifted to dual shifts or alternate day work schedules must understand employees are sharing facilities and employers can be held liable for not taking precautions. In addition to cleaning, precautions include proper training of managers and supervisors to spot potentially ill employees. Managers should be trained not to overreact or panic to the situation, but rather refer the employee to seek medical attention, and leave the workplace to a secluded room in their home. When sending employees to the doctor or home, because the employee is only suspected of being ill, employee’s privacy should be protected. For more employer information, visit the CDC website.

For certain industries that are more susceptible to the coronavirus, we offer off-hour deep cleaning service to reduce business interruptions.

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Preparing Your Home to Combat Covid-19

Due to the latest news in regards to the spread of Covid-19, also known as the corona virus, the state of New Jersey has declared a State of Emergency. To assist our concerned clients, Dust Busters has prepared a sanitizing and disinfecting plan for homes and offices. For our regular clients, this plan will be offered in addition to our normal cleaning services.

Current Clients

We know you may be worried and our disinfecting plan was designed to address your fears. Our sanitizing and disinfecting plan call for our employees use disposable gloves and foot covering that are discarded after each cleaning. Our plan also calls for the use of solely certified EPA cleaning products to wipe surfaces like light switches, doorknobs, toilets, faucets, and many common areas. EPA Certified disinfectants are approved products that destroy inactivate bacteria, fungi, and viruses by providing a higher level of microbial load reduction. These products are mainly used in hospitals, schools and other community settings.

New Clients

We follow the same protocols as our existing clients, but we require a sanitizing and deep cleaning service first, prior to applying our disinfecting plan. This is done in accordance with recommendations from the CDC home care guidance program.

So what is the Actual Plan?

For each location, we designate one trained person in charge of only wiping the most commonly touched areas with our disinfecting product. In order for this plan to work, we need you to also do your part. We ask for everyone who is coming into the location to wash their hands using antibacterial soap (preferred method) or use a hand sanitizer. This will help maintain the environment more safe and clean until your next scheduled routine cleaning. 


It is important to inform your doctor or authorities if someone in your home develops a fever or any cold symptoms. Please follow the CDC (center of disease control and prevention) checklist to prevent Convid-19 spread in communities. Keep your family, coworkers, and neighbors safe and expect them to do the same.

Dust Busters is here to help you all in every step of the way. We believe that together we can help prevent the spread. Our team has been fully trained and is now focusing on serving Union County, and most parts of Essex and Middlesex County. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions at 908-764-0070 or email 

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Clean Carpets and Real Estate

If you’ve decided to sell your home, there are a few things you need to get in order to make the sale go smoothly. The first is to contact an experienced New Jersey realtor. The next is to develop an understanding of your local market. After that, it’s time to get your house into the market and attract buyers.

It should come as no surprise that buyers are attracted to clean, well-maintained homes. Though you might not want to spend much money on a home you’re leaving, making a small investment in how it looks could reap you dividends in the form of a faster sale and a higher sale price. One relatively simple way to make your house look a whole lot better to prospective buyers is to have its carpets professionally cleaned.

Having your Carpets Professionally Cleaned can Speed Up the Sale Process

When prospective buyers tour your home, they imagine themselves living in it. Create an environment they can’t imagine not living in, because that’s how you quickly secure a buyer and make the same. Aside from buyers looking to rehab distressed properties, nobody wants to imagine themselves living with stained or smelly carpets.

Expect to spend between $25 and $75 per room for professional carpet cleaning. Take time to shop around and get reviews for a few different cleaners in your area to ensure that you get the best value for the money you spend.

What a Professional Carpet Cleaner Does

There are a few different methods professionals use to clean carpets. One is dry cleaning carpets, which is the application of chemical solvents that break down stains in carpets without getting them wet. Another is steam cleaning, which is the use of use of hot water and detergent sprayed deep into your carpet, then removed with a wet vac. Both methods are useful for removing the set-in stains and discoloration that regular vacuuming cannot.

Cleaning your Carpets After you Move In

You might have had the carpets in your old house cleaned before you moved out, but can you guarantee your new home’s last resident did the same? In fact, can you guarantee anything about the last person who lived there, like whether they smoked or had pets in the home?

Having your new home’s carpets professionally cleaned can give you the peace of mind that you’re living in a sterile, fresh environment. There’s no better start to living in a new place than knowing it’s not marred with the previous resident’s dirt and germs.

When You’re Selling your Home, Make it as Attractive as Possible

Your real estate agent’s job is to help you sell your home as efficiently as possible and net you a fair amount of money in the process. In this role, he or she may suggest that you make certain cosmetic improvements to your home, including having its carpets professionally cleaned. Of course, it’s your call whether you heed this advice or not, but remember that your real estate agent has a whole lot more experiences selling houses than you do – and it’s in his or her best interest to get yours sold for the highest price realistically possible.

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Awning Cleaning Service in NJ

While awnings do give business customers protection from the sun and rain, they provide much greater benefit. They give businesses a professional look and more importantly, are the customer’s first impression of your business. If your awning is personalized with your company or store’s name; is a raggedy, dirty awning a good first impression? Of course not. Your custom printed awning is a reflection of your business.

awning cleaning service nj new jersey

So what is the answer? Enter the professional, commercial awning cleaning service! With a couple of hours of work, a professional cleaner can remove stubborn stains and mildew, restoring your customer’s confidence in your business before they enter through the doors.

How It’s Done

At Dustbusters, we don’t waste time. We drive up with our truck mounted power washer and efficiently house down your canvas awning. After testing our cleaning solutions on a small testing area, we spot clean stubborn stains, embedded dirt, and mildew using gentle detergents that will not damage the material.

Following a thorough cleaning, we apply a sealer to minimize future sun damage and prevent most future rust, mildew, mold and hard water stains. Air drying completes the process. Simply put, restoring your awning to optimal condition is what we do.

With proper maintenance, keeping your awning clean will prolong and extend the useful life of the fabric, protecting your investment. Whether you have a standard awning or a retractable awning, Dustbusters has the experience and equipment to make it look great again!

And more good news. If your business has outdoor seating, we also clean table umbrellas! Give Dustbusters a call today to request a free estimate and consultation.

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