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Dust Busters Gives Back to the Community

Every year, our company keeps growing and making the lives of our clients a little easier. Our trained team of professionals work very hard servicing loyal customers. They are often thanked with monetary tips that are sent via our Dust Busters’ Client Portal. As we track these “thank you” tips, we thought: Why not give it back to the community in the form of a “donation” to non-profit organizations embedded in the community.

As a result, we have created a plan to award $1 for each $1 given by you to our team members. How will this work?

  1. Starting in July 2022, tips given by our clients to our team members through our Client Portal will be tracked on a monthly basis.
  2. At the end of the month, the amount of tips will be tallied and will determine the amount that Dust Busters will donate.
  3. The donation amount will match the amount of tips for the prior month will be awarded to a non-profit organization, starting in August 2022.

We ask that you donate via the Client Portal, to make it easier to track. But we still need your help. We would like you to vote on which organizations should receive donations. Below are five organizations we have chosen. The top three with the most votes will receive donations:

A) Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Jersey (They help many children with life threatening illnesses and transforms children’s life one wish at a time.)

B) NJ center for nonprofits Amplifying our voices together (They help the community with different resources)

C) NJ Tree foundation Inc ( They help by planting trees in the most urban neighborhoods, where the need is greatest to help improve the community’s environment and quality of life)

D) Moms Helping Moms Foundation ( They help mom by providing clothes, diapers, formulas and all essential item for their children)

E) Go4thegoal Foundation (They help children with cancer. Example in Christmas they donate presents to children)

F) Big Brothers Big Sisters ( They work with volunteers parents and families to create one to one mentoring relationship that defend, inspire and empower the potential that lives within every kid.)

We feel blessed to have the support of our customers and with your help we will be able to give back.

With gratitude!

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