Awning Cleaning Service in NJ

While awnings do give business customers protection from the sun and rain, they provide much greater benefit. They give businesses a professional look and more importantly, are the customer’s first impression of your business. If your awning is personalized with your company or store’s name; is a raggedy, dirty awning a good first impression? Of course not. Your custom printed awning is a reflection of your business.

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So what is the answer? Enter the professional, commercial awning cleaning service! With a couple of hours of work, a professional cleaner can remove stubborn stains and mildew, restoring your customer’s confidence in your business before they enter through the doors.

How It’s Done

At Dustbusters, we don’t waste time. We drive up with our truck mounted power washer and efficiently house down your canvas awning. After testing our cleaning solutions on a small testing area, we spot clean stubborn stains, embedded dirt, and mildew using gentle detergents that will not damage the material.

Following a thorough cleaning, we apply a sealer to minimize future sun damage and prevent most future rust, mildew, mold and hard water stains. Air drying completes the process. Simply put, restoring your awning to optimal condition is what we do.

With proper maintenance, keeping your awning clean will prolong and extend the useful life of the fabric, protecting your investment. Whether you have a standard awning or a retractable awning, Dustbusters has the experience and equipment to make it look great again!

And more good news. If your business has outdoor seating, we also clean table umbrellas! Give Dustbusters a call today to request a free estimate and consultation.

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