Restaurant Cleaning Service in NJ

Cleaning commercial kitchen is a rigorous, daily task that restaurants are staffed for. Duties include wiping down tables, chairs and counters to washing dishes, emptying trash, cleaning bathrooms and mopping floors.

But there are weekly and even monthly cleaning needs that often get overlooked. That’s where the service of an outside cleaning company comes in handy. Cleaning company will often work off a “restaurant cleaning checklist” making sure nothing gets overlooked and keeps the restaurant in
compliance with the local health standards and health inspectors.

Dustbuster’s Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Depending of each restaurant’s unique needs, some of these tasks are performed weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Prior to performing any services, we consult with each individual restaurant to compile a list of necessary services and timeframe for each. Typical services perform include:

• Disinfecting bathrooms, beyond the normal daily cleaning
• Cleaning inside and outside windows, door handles
• Wiping down light fixtures, changing light bulbs if necessary
• Dusting ceiling fans
• Thorough oven and stove cleaning
• Degreasing service, green cleaning products available
• Cleaning and sanitizing automatic dish washers
• Clean out and sanitize ice machine
• Clean coffee making machines
• Cleaning or replacing heat or air conditioning filters
• Hosing out trash bins
• Cleaning grease traps
• Replacing mouse / pest / insect traps
• Cleaning refrigeration equipment, including walk-in refrigerator
• Wiping down baseboards

The restaurant industry is very competitive and the last thing an owner needs is trouble keeping the front and back in compliance with local health regulations. Let Dustbusters take that worry off your shoulders.

As a local, family owned company, we know the challenges businesses face. And we’re here to help! If you’re looking for an honest and reliable heavy-duty restaurant cleaning service, give us a call today to request a free estimate and consultation.

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