Helpful Tips and Uses for Dryer Sheets

Helpful Tips and Uses for Dryer Sheets

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A quick Google search and you can find a hundred different uses for dryer sheets. Some ideas work better than others, but who has the time to test all these ideas. Well, since we are in the cleaning profession, we made it our business to test some of these alternative ideas to save you the time. We’ve narrowed it down to our top 7 tips for new dryer sheets:

1. Most people like the smell of perfumed sachets in your clothes drawers, but the cost really adds up quickly. A fresh smelling sheet is a readily available and cost effective alternative.

2. Tape a dryer sheet to the inside of your heating and air conditioning vents. It gives off a great fresh scent and a much better alternative to scented candles which can pose a fire danger.

3. Summertime picnics are awesome with family and friends. Great food and cold drinks round out what could be a perfect day if it wasn’t for the bugs and mosquitoes. Wiping a dryer sheet on your bare arms and legs is tends to keep them at away.

4. Pets pull at our heart string, but their hair gets everywhere. Use a dryer sheet to clean hair off your clothing, furniture and cushions.

5. A burnt on pot or pan sometimes seems impossible to clean. We’ve all tried soaking it in soapy water overnight and found this helps, but adding a sheet to that same water overnight make a big difference.

6. If you still hold onto old photo albums like I do, a fresh sheet will keep the album from developing that musty smell that we associate with old library books, lol.

Lastly, a used dryer sheet can be recycled to clean out the lint trap. We love the idea of recycling and being green. Congested lint traps make dryers less efficient, translating to a higher energy bill to get the job done. More importantly, it’s a fire hazard.

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