Moving in or Moving out….House Cleaning Time!

Move in and Move out…..Time to Clean

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Yay..!! We know you’re excited about moving in to a new house; it’s like experiencing a new life. However, there’s more than excitement in moving in to a new house: You must make sure the house you’re moving in is squeaky clean, but you have to clean the house you are moving out from, because you sure need that deposit money back or if you’re selling, your old place should be a sparky clean open house, in order to make a quick sale.

Remember, as we always say “Time is gold” and now that you’re moving out, you have to deal with so many things like, changing your address, scheduling transportation and moving services, enrolling children in new schools, getting a lot of things in order, the ‘to-do’ list is endless.

That’s when our motto comes in action “No worries, we will clean it for you”. Let us do the cleaning for you; we take care of the house you’re moving out and the house you’re moving in as well.

At Dust Busters we specialize in pre and post move cleaning, so that you might move on with the rest of the moving process.

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