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How to Maintain Beautiful Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are an investment in your real estate property. They add value and a special touch to any home or office. However, maintaining them can be difficult for busy homeowners or business owners with very active workspaces. Traffic wear and tear is normal, but your floors need more than vacuuming and mopping to remove scratches and stains. Regular maintenance can go a long way to avoiding an expensive repair or replacement project. 

Here are five tips from our hardwood experts: 

  1. Use a dust mop or a damp microfiber mop.
  2. Clean spills thoroughly with a neutral cleaner.
  3. Eliminate moisture by not using too much water when cleaning floors and opening windows to air out the room.
  4. Never use a wax cleaner. Once used, you can only keep using it to hide scratches, which will build too much shine to the floor, making it no longer look like natural wood. It also scratches easily.
  5. Avoid Vinegar or oil. Vinegar starts to remove the natural shine of your wood floors slowly. Oil looks beautiful at first, but it starts to build up gradually. 

Having a regular deep cleaning of your floors will help you remove the grime and the gunk in the gaps and bring your floor back to life. Call us if you need a Dust Busters expert to help you.

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