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Rolling Out the Welcome Mat

As you are well aware, winter brings cold temperatures and ice, snow, and salt on the pathways, which is dragged into the house, creating a mess. Below, I share some tips to give your home a fresh new look after the holidays: 

  1. Remove your holiday decorations before your scheduled service. This will allow us to do a thorough cleaning of every corner.
  2. Use shoe covers or ask your guests to remove their shoes when they enter the house. This can be challenging for some guests, but they will understand when you let them know how much you appreciate their help.
  3. Vacuum the front entrance daily so dirt, mud, and sand won’t accumulate and spread inside the home.
  4. Keep an area rug at the entrance to collect any salt that could ruin your carpets and floors. 
  5. Schedule a consultation with Dust Busters to evaluate your expensive area rugs and learn how we can save time and money with our in-house rug cleaning service.

You are now ready to roll out the welcome mat for 2023! HAPPY NEW YEAR!