Deep Cleaning Offices to Prevent Coronavirus

It’s only natural for people to protect their families, so with the coronavirus outbreak, they hire a cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting service for their home. But unless no one leaves the home, the family’s protection is limited because of interaction with the outside world, mainly the workplace. So even though your house is disinfected, viruses can be brought in from the workplace, making office cleaning and disinfecting equally important.


Office deep cleaning is the process of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting in accordance with CDC regulations, performed wearing one-time use, disposable gloves. It includes the removal of dirt and germ from surfaces, such as:

    • Desk
    • Computers
    • Phones
    • Shared office equipment
    • Bathroom areas
    • Doorknobs
    • Light switches
    • Handrails
    • Elevator buttons.

Afterwards, the same surfaces are disinfected by spraying disinfectant on the surfaces lowering the risk of spreading viruses and infections. Because so much is unknown about the spread of the virus, extra precautions are taken. After disinfection, common sense must still prevail with employees remaining home at the first sign of illness.

Employers must take precautions necessary to keep their employees safe. Beside cleaning and disinfecting the office, employers should post signs or posters reminding people to wash their hands often, keep distance among themselves, and limit social interaction. Larger offices that have shifted to dual shifts or alternate day work schedules must understand employees are sharing facilities and employers can be held liable for not taking precautions. In addition to cleaning, precautions include proper training of managers and supervisors to spot potentially ill employees. Managers should be trained not to overreact or panic to the situation, but rather refer the employee to seek medical attention, and leave the workplace to a secluded room in their home. When sending employees to the doctor or home, because the employee is only suspected of being ill, employee’s privacy should be protected. For more employer information, visit the CDC website.

For certain industries that are more susceptible to the coronavirus, we offer off-hour deep cleaning service to reduce business interruptions.

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