Preparing Your Home to Combat Covid-19

Due to the latest news in regards to the spread of Covid-19, also known as the corona virus, the state of New Jersey has declared a State of Emergency. To assist our concerned clients, Dust Busters has prepared a sanitizing and disinfecting plan for homes and offices. For our regular clients, this plan will be offered in addition to our normal cleaning services.

Current Clients

We know you may be worried and our disinfecting plan was designed to address your fears. Our sanitizing and disinfecting plan call for our employees use disposable gloves and foot covering that are discarded after each cleaning. Our plan also calls for the use of solely certified EPA cleaning products to wipe surfaces like light switches, doorknobs, toilets, faucets, and many common areas. EPA Certified disinfectants are approved products that destroy inactivate bacteria, fungi, and viruses by providing a higher level of microbial load reduction. These products are mainly used in hospitals, schools and other community settings.

New Clients

We follow the same protocols as our existing clients, but we require a sanitizing and deep cleaning service first, prior to applying our disinfecting plan. This is done in accordance with recommendations from the CDC home care guidance program.

So what is the Actual Plan?

For each location, we designate one trained person in charge of only wiping the most commonly touched areas with our disinfecting product. In order for this plan to work, we need you to also do your part. We ask for everyone who is coming into the location to wash their hands using antibacterial soap (preferred method) or use a hand sanitizer. This will help maintain the environment more safe and clean until your next scheduled routine cleaning. 


It is important to inform your doctor or authorities if someone in your home develops a fever or any cold symptoms. Please follow the CDC (center of disease control and prevention) checklist to prevent Convid-19 spread in communities. Keep your family, coworkers, and neighbors safe and expect them to do the same.

Dust Busters is here to help you all in every step of the way. We believe that together we can help prevent the spread. Our team has been fully trained and is now focusing on serving Union County, and most parts of Essex and Middlesex County. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions at 908-764-0070 or email 

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