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10 Easy Tips to Keep Your Home Clean if you have Pets

Having pets at home can be synonymous with a million moments of happiness and tenderness. However, keeping our homes clean with our furry friends can be a challenge. Whether you have cats, dogs, or both, you know their mischief can turn your home upside-down. Keeping up with them requires more and more hours of cleaning.

We have numerous clients with pets. We know and understand your challenges; that’s why we compiled 10 super-efficient tips to keep your home cleaner for longer until our Dust Busters team returns for deep cleaning:

  1. It is recommended to vacuum your home a least once a week, including upholstery, but when you have pets might want to do it more often (we have seen people using a robot vacuum to help with maintenance).
  2. Keep vacuuming! Vacuum vents and molding, you can always dust vents and molding with Swiffer duster to avoid as much as possible releasing hair and dust in the air. Swiffer Seems to trap a lot of dust and hair.
  3. Do not forget to dust your ceiling fans as they love to collect dust when they are turned on.
  4. Another great trick is changing your filter. Air filters are recommended to be changed every 90 days, but when you have pets might want to do it more often. We love to do it once a month or every 5 to 6 weeks as it helps keep the ductwork clean, and house cleaning usually lasts longer.
  5. Keep a mat outside and inside the front door to help reduce mud at the door. If possible, wiping their paws is a big help. Keep a towel by the entrance to help clean them right away.
  6. Groom your pet regularly to reduce shedding.
  7. Bathe your dog regularly if possible.
  8. It is recommended to clean carpets a least once a year, but when you have pets, you might want to get it done more often as it can help maintain your home odor-free.
  9. If you have enough space at home, destinate an area for your pets to keep your cleaning efforts minimized.
  10. And last but not least, schedule a professional cleaning with us for at least every 4 weeks to get help reaching places you haven’t had time to do and to also take a day off.

We understand how much work it is to maintain a clean home, and we will be more than happy to help you. We are confident you will see the difference in your home. The company of your little fluffy one will be much more fun and less work.

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