Preparing for Pesach and Passover House Cleaning

“Chametz” House Cleaning

Jewish families take pride in the fact that they follow traditions that are hundreds, maybe thousands of years old, passing them down to the next generation. And they should be proud; it takes discipline and perseverance, all qualities instilled in their children. It’s through tradition that brings us to the subject of cleaning your house in preparation for Passover, or Pesach.

Cleaning for Passover or Pesach goes beyond what many people consider “normal” or everyday house cleaning. Passover house cleaning involves paying attention to the smallest of details, a top to bottom house cleaning to remove every last food crumb throughout the house, even the car. Once an area is cleaned, keeping it that way is maintained by prohibiting food from the area until Passover is complete. Even the kitchen, the room designated for eating in most homes, is considered off limits and quite often is covered in tin foil as an extra precaution.

Knowing the effort a thorough Pesach house cleaning will take, many Jewish families look for help in the form of hiring a cleaning company that they can trust. Make no mistake; selecting the right cleaning company can be a daunting task. We believe trust is earned, not given or assumed. So we identified what we believe the most important factors in selecting a “trusted” cleaning company for Passover:

EXPERIENCE – Ideally, you should focus on the cleaning company’s previous experience in providing Passover house cleaning services. Simply put, there is no substitute for experience.

REFERENCES – Don’t be afraid to ask for them. A reputable cleaning company will not only provide them upon request, but rather will promote them. Our repeat customers are one of the strongest references any business can have. And we gladly provide them upon request.

RECOMMENDATIONS – Neighbors, we all have them. Talk to them and ask them who they trust to clean their homes for Passover. Letting strangers into your home takes a leap of faith. If your neighbor had a bad experience with a particular cleaning company, we can all learn from it and not repeat the mistake.

INTERVIEW – One you’ve narrowed down your selection of cleaning companies. Call them and schedule an interview. Ask to speak to the owner and determine if they are actively involved in the actual cleaning or if they just hire people to do it for them. Obviously, individually owner owned and operated cleaning companies take more pride in their work. After all, their reputation is on the line!

We know how important Passover house cleaning is to your family. As a family owned small business, we will respect and treat your home like our own. Please contact me, Cinthia, with any questions or concerns.

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