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Commercial Cleaning is Our Business

Why Hire Professionals to do your commercial cleaning?

Cleaning is our business,. We care about the appearance of your facilities and we target specific areas that get the most traffic. If you have staff that does this for you, we highly recommend a work schedule that is reviewed weekly. Don’t wait until a customer points out problems, worse yet, leave your business with a bad impression. Here are some important aspects of the cleaning process that need the most attention:

  • Cleaning entry pathways, handrails, and hallways
  • Cleaning glass surfaces, doors and handles
  • Refreshing bathroom including counter tops, doors, handrails.
  • Restocking supplies such as soap, sanitizer, and paper towels

There are areas that are often overlooked and need to be done at least once a year. These include:

  1. Yearly carpet cleaning
  2. Seasonal cleaning of rugs
  3. Yearly deep cleaning of tile and group to bring back original colors

Need a professional? We’re here to help! We have a team of trained and certified professionals. Let us take a look and help you before it becomes a problem that impacts your company image.