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post construction cleaning nj
post construction cleaning services
post construction cleaning services nj

Construction work can be exciting and rewarding. It can also be a lot of grueling work. If you’ve recently completed construction work on your property, you may have some intimidating cleaning tasks in front of you. Construction can be extremely messy. It can turn your residence into a disaster area seemingly overnight, too. That’s a lot to swallow. We have great news, however. Dust Busters LLC is a family-run Kenilworth, New Jersey cleaning firm that wants to take care of all of your post-construction cleaning needs. If you’re in need of reliable and efficient post construction cleaning services in the Kenilworth area, we’re ready to come to your rescue. We offer our cleaning expertise to clients in communities such as Kenilworth, Clark, Scotch Plains, Westfield, Montclair, New Providence, Springfield and Clark. If you’re looking for diligent and attentive post construction cleaning services in any of those wonderful areas, you can bank on our team.

Services Specifications:


  • Thoroughly broom-sweep home, cleaning all stud bays, floors, garage, basement, unfinished storage and mechanical rooms.
  • Large Construction debris is removed and deposited in dumpster.Pre-Flooring
  • Scrape and fine broom sweep all floors to receive carpet and/or hardwood; this includes the basement if it is being finished.
  • Clean all tubs, shower pans, and plumbing fixtures.
  • Clean all tile and remove all grout film.
  • Clean all cabinetry inside/out, tops and sides of walls cabinet, and toe kick of base cabinets.
  • Clean all windows inside and out.

Rough, Prefinished cleaning

  • Clean all windows, door frames, doors, trims, tracks, and interior glass. (remove paint and spackle)
  • Remove all shipping paper, tape and cardboard from appliances. Clean appliances in and out.
  • Clean all tubs, shower pans and plumbing fixtures are cleaned.
  • Clean all wall tile of grout film.
  • Clean all cabinets in kitchen, bath, laundry (inside and out).
  • Remove protective plastic on door latches and strike plates.
  • Clean all shelves.
  • Clean all mirrors and remove labels.
  • Clean all shower, including shower doors. Glass identification and care stickers are left on shower doors.
  • Ensure all surfaces are free of grout film.
  • Clean all light fixtures and bulbs.
  • Vacuum all carpet floors, stairways and landings.
  • Vacuum and mop all tile, vinyl and marble floor.
  • Clean hardwood floor per the manufacturers instruction.
  • All product warranty cards and operation information are placed in a kitchen cabinet or given to supervisor.
  • Energy rating stickers are left on all appliances including laundry, furnace, water heater and air conditioning units.
  • Ensure tubs and shower drains are cleaned.
  • Clean all bathroom paper holders, soap dishes and towel bars.
  • All electrical plates are cleaned.
  • All flooring and countertop protection are removed and placed in a dumpster.
  • All doors thresholds are to be cleaned with steel wood.
  • Remove dust and debris from all exposed ductwork, furnace, furnace attachment, furnace filter, water heater and pipes. Clean out

Pans Beneath Water Heater and Furnace.

  • Wet mop all concrete basement floors.
  • Clean basement sump pit after floor is washed.
  • Broom swept garage.
  • Sweep off porches and patios.
  • Vacuum beneath fireplace.
  • Remove all debris.
  • Dust all exterior of vents.
  • Dust all walls and light fixtures.
  • All chrome fixtures cleaned and shined.

Construction dust is extremely persistent. Getting rid of it can be a major headache for anyone. That’s why it can be so wise to reach out to Dust Busters LLC. We’re can help you quickly forget there was ever any construction dust on your property in the first place. We offer our customers many diverse and exciting choices in post-construction cleaning specialties. We specialize in pre-insulation work. Our many available pre-insulation services include but aren’t limited to window cleaning, shower pan cleaning, construction debris extraction, extensive residential sweeping, grout film extraction, tile cleaning and cabinet cleaning.

Prefinished cleaning service is yet another specialty we offer at Dust Busters LLC. Our post-construction cleanup aficionados can help you with everything. They can get rid of persistent grout film that’s stuck on your home surfaces. They can clean light bulbs, shelves, electrical plates, hardwood floors, carpeting, mirrors, stairways and plumbing fixtures galore. If you want to walk around your home after construction work and feel totally in awe, we’re here to make all of your wishes come true. Our skillful cleanup specialists can mop your marble, vinyl and tile floors and make sure they look just as gorgeous as they always did. They can make sure your shower drains are immaculate as can be. They can give you a shower that’s a vision of radiant cleanliness as well. If you want to enjoy a shower that’s devoid of debris and grime, you can trust our expertise 100 percent.

Our post construction cleaning services are abundant. If you’re looking for a company that can thoroughly clean the pans under your furnace and water heater, we’re your team. Our cleaning professionals can mop the concrete flooring in your basement. They can dust off vent exteriors. They can clean chrome fixtures and make them look and feel amazing again. There’s simply no end to our cleaning magic. Our post-construction cleaning work can truly help your home reach its highest potential.

Post construction cleaning services tend to be quite costly. We’re delighted to inform you that our post-construction cleaning work is in a league of its own, however. That’s because it’s amazingly affordable. Construction work usually costs a lot of money. That’s why it can be particularly painful to have to fork over a lot of money to cover post-construction cleaning needs. If you want to make sure your construction project is as affordable as possible from start to finish, you can believe in us. We take a lot of pride in our reasonably priced post construction cleaning service rates.

Our customers can always rely on us for the finest and most in-depth environmentally friendly cleaning services available. If you’re all about organic and eco-friendly cleaning techniques and products, you can’t go wrong with Dust Busters LLC. We aim to give our customers access to green cleaning that can help them lead more comfortable and pleasant day-to-day lifestyles. If you want to steer clear of the pitfalls of breathing in potentially detrimental chemicals post-cleaning work, we’re here to assist you. If you want to focus on cleaning solutions that are simultaneously mild and gentle, we’re here to assist you, too. That’s the complete truth.

Don’t let your frustrating post-construction cleanup needs get the best of you. Don’t let them interfere with your enjoyment after a job well done, either. If you don’t want to have to worry about time-consuming and stressful post-construction cleanup duties, we’re more than happy to manage them all for you. Post-construction cleaning work is one of our many passions here.

If you’re in need of blue-chip post construction cleaning services in and around Kenilworth, Dust Busters LLC is the intelligent answer. Call our prominent company as soon as possible to receive a free quote for our cleaning service. You can contact us any time with any questions or concerns as well. Our cheerful business representatives always aim to please.