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Mobile Office Trailer Cleaning Service

Cleaning mobile office trailers is a unique cleaning service that Dustbusters is proud to offer.

Why unique? Because unlike most office environments, mobile office trailers usually have the following unique issues:

• Significantly less storage
• Health issues and risks regarding the cleanliness of the trailer’s exterior
• Construction yard foot traffic

We offer cleaning solutions addressing all those unique needs.

Less storage space means more frequent and thorough cleaning. This means emptying the office shredder and wastebaskets daily. You would be surprised how quickly obsolete engineering blueprints can accumulate.

Within a construction yard environment, cleaning a construction trailer’s exterior often gets ignored. Yet, the issue presents employee health risks and the associated legal issues can present a financial burden. How? It is well known that construction materials used to be made with asbestos, and although newer construction materials have replaced asbestos, the future health implications of today’s newest material is still unknown. We recommend power washing the trailer exterior twice a year to minimize future risks. Using our industrial, truck mounted Prochem Legend GT power washer, it has the power to remove all types of debris. Exterior cleaning also reduces the chances of getting rodents. This is not a topic we like to address, no surprise there, but it’s a real world problem and we’re here to inform and educate our clients. Your safety is important to us.

And there are additional benefits of cleaning the trailer’s exterior. They include removing mold, mildew, pollen, and other airborne particles that can adversely affect the ventilation of the trailer’s air quality. We always say, ”clean air makes for a happy employee”. Studies have shown there is a direct correlation between clean air quality and how productive employees can be. With allergy season being almost year round, I can personally understand how a clean office environment leads to higher employee moral and a lower rate of employee absenteeism.

Heavy foot traffic from a construction site office trailer imbeds dirt and oils into trailer carpets that go beyond what most people consider normal wear and tear. Our commercial grade, truck mounted carpet cleaning machine is up to the cleaning task. In addition, it does a great job for cleaning and buffing wood and tile floors.

Maintaining a clean office environment doesn’t stop there, we extend our office trailer cleaning services to include pantries and kitchen areas. We also include:

• Clean, disinfect and sanitize bathrooms
• clean windows and blinds
• Dusting and wiping down office furniture and cabinets
• Furniture and upholstery cleaning
• Changing filters in HVAC and air conditioning units
• Removing and replacing of rodent and insect traps if necessary

Other Trailer Uses

Office trailers are not always used as offices. They are commonly used as mobile libraries, portable storage units, and mobile restrooms. In fact, there is a good chance the last street fair you attended had a mobile trailer being used as a mobile restroom.

In fact, one of the fastest growing segments in the rental trailer business is using them as mobile class rooms. In turn, its one of the fastest growing segments of the cleaning industry. However its design and purpose, we clean and maintain them all.

Contact us today to keep your office trailer clean and your jobsite safe.